Toho Mansions Enbloc by Koh Brothers Holland Village

Property investment is considered as one of the most beneficial investment and the largest one can possibly do, in their life. It is the only investment that can never depreciate. A number of sites flourish in Singapore, from low-rise, medium-rise or high-rise – the prices differ and match the needs of Singapore residents. Singapore is home to a number of nationalities and has a great rank when it comes to fostering and welcoming guests in the country. One that wishes to invest in an apartment, a condo or a balcony-inclusive home can consider the following as a profitable investment option for themselves.

Toho Mansions Enbloc by Koh Brothers

A subsidiary of property and construction developer, KOH brothers, recently won the bid to Toho Mansion in Holland Village Enblock for $120.4m. The freehold site has an area of 4427.8 sqm and comprises of two four-story residential apartments with a bonus 10% balcony area. No development charge is payable for the same. The new development is called Van Holland and the development is highly sought after due to the fact of the Holland Village Extension that will inject life to the Holland Village area.

The site is in close proximity to a number of popular destinations in the Holland area including the Chip Bee Gardens, Holland Village Shopping Centre and a minute walk away from the nearest MRT station. The site is expected to attract a number of interested prospective buyers and investors.

Freehold Site at Holland Village by Koh Brothers

The freehold site can accommodate 32 apartments and is near to the upcoming Government Land Sale site adding 145,313 sq ft of commercial space whilst enhancing the facilities and amenities provided in close proximity to Toho Mansion. These include the National University of Singapore, The Orchard Road Shopping Belt, Buona Vista Sub-Regional Centre and other similar major hubs.

Toho Mansion is a small project considered as a medium rise and priced around the average investment rates, keeping the economy of Singapore in mind. Unity Pharmacy is a 1-minute walk from the site. Apart from this Cold Store (Grocery Store), 7-eleven, a convenience store) and Starbucks café, are all in close proximity (3 minutes’ walk) from Toho Mansion.

The Anglo-Chinese Intl School is about 700m away from the site. This is a plus for those opting to invest in Toho Mansion and have school-going toddlers. New Town Primary School, GhimMoh Primary Schoo and a convent school are near to the Toho Mansion area, as well.

Toho Mansion Enbloc KBD Ventures Holland Village

Toho Mansion has very convenient access to the MRT/LRT rail system is just a few minutes’ walks from Holland Village and Buona Vista MRT stations. Even though Toho Mansion, acquired by KBD ventures under the Koh Brothers is a medium-rise project, it can be said that the apartments are best suited for those that like to be around the city’s hustle-bustle, in the Bukit Timah Area.

Because on how the last half of the year 2017 went, as good performance, and how 2018 started, the mood right now is conservative.” Edward Lee had said, Standard Chartered Bank’s Chief economist for ASEAN and South Asia. He is estimating that Singapore’s economic growth will soften to 2.6 percent this year based on multiple factors.such as employment opportunities ,education ,agricultural investments .

The mansion is located at 186A Holland Road. According to industry insights, the area belongs to District 10, an expensive district west to Orchard Road. Residents usually recognize this location as Bukit Timah (Planning Area Name) or Leedon Park (the Subzone Name) . As mentioned previously, the condos are fairly priced and a regular 2 Bedrooms condo of about 1050sq ft is priced at around 2700$ (September 2018, insight)

Real estate investments, either for resale, renting or for your personal use add to your ROI. It can help you generate an ongoing passive income and is a proven long-term investment. Most properties’ value increases exponentially as the years pass by. You can seek help from a financial advisor to advise you on your eligibility for property investment, involving tax remittance, income tax, expenses and savings.

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