One North Research Centre Buona Vista

One north is a research park located in Singapore. It was innovatively created by JTC cooperation and serves as a research location for a lot of people. It is a 200acres land and serves as a play and learn ground, overtime it has been used to conduct various researches and tests, it has also been used by startups to aid their growth and development. It also offers services in information technology and biometrics. The constructuon lication for One north was selected in in January 2006, the building was eventually opened in the year 2011

One North Research Centre Near to Buona Vista MRT Station

It Is located not too far from Holland village which makes it one of the closest recreational options is in close proximity with a lot of educational institutes. The purpose of the creation of one north is multipronged, it was created as a recreational center as well as an educational center, its biological labs are used for researches and experiments. It is a location that successfully serves major location needs of the members of the community without leaving anyone out. With this they also seek to encourage collaborations and foster good relationships between the members of the community. This is made possible by situating activities of the same industries together. They also have a playgrounds which are readily available to members.

Condos Around One North Research Centre

Developments around One North are also highly sought after as it is easy to rent out the unit due to the huge tenant base at One North. One such residence is Van Holland which is just one MRT Stop away from Buona Vista MRT Station. The development is a new project by Koh Brothers KBD Ventures.

Singapore’s economy extended by 3.3 percent for the entire of 2018, says Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. Despite the fact that this surpassed estimates, this is marginally slower than the 3.6 percent development seen in 2017. For 2019, the nation’s GDP is expected to increase by 1.5 percent to 3.5 percent, said Prime Minister Lee. The global financial markets are concerned because of the ongoing indications of slow growth rate.which is increasing almost every yeardue to high birth rate. With the increase in GDP, it is noted that there will be more buyers looking for investments and therefore Van Holland will be something that buyers will look at.

Bringing People Together at One North Research Centre

Different social events are also organized where members of the community can come to network and meet people who are from their field. One north has diverse other developments that has helped them carve an niche for them selves with their institute. By bringing together a lot of people under one location to gain knowledge they have created an identity for the brand. Some of the other programs organized at one north includes the bi monthly lunch and learn, one north run, the fantastic Friday, car free SG, one north festival and various others.

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