By doing work in diversified areas Koh Brothers have got a lot of fame and respect in the real estate market. They were always together to make their business successful and they have got the same after the struggle of a few years. There are no such flaws in Koh Brothers Group Limited and it has separate departments to manage the projects. Let’s know more about Koh Brothers: · Koh Brothers are the founders of their real estate company and they have worked a lot to get this position.

History of Koh Brothers Real Estate Developer

· It has been 40 years to koh Brothers Group Limited providing construction services and high level luxuries life to the people.
· With great willpower, they have established their different departments for the different kind of projects.
· Koh Brothers got a huge appreciation for their work from outsiders, native people and as well as by the government.
· This company always looks for hardworking and skillful engineers and managers.

Departments of Koh brothers Group Limited

Koh brothers are running their real estate business but they are best at their each project apart from building construction they have completed many more projects also which was not possible without following departments of Koh Brothers Group Limited. Their latest project is a freehold development in Orchard and the development is called Van Holland which is the former Toho Mansions that was collectively sold to Koh Brothers.

· Real Estate Division – KBD
· Corporate/Public Relations Departments
· Contract/Tenders Department
· Purchasing/Procurement Department
· Accounts Payable and Receivable Department
· HR and Admin Department
· Koh Brothers Eco Engineering Limited
· Building Materials

Projects completed by Koh Brothers Company:
· Bugis MRT
· Bukit Timah Canal
· Changi water reclamation plant
· Common services tunnel
· Lorong Halus Flyover
· Lumos
· Jurong Water Reclamation Plant
· Geylang River
· Marrina Barrage
· Montana
· Starville Etc. Koh Brothers Development Private Limited

Developing Innovations and Themes by Koh Brothers

It was established in 1993 as a real estate division of innovative ideas and constructions, Koh brothers Development Private Limited was able to make the track record of developing innovations and luxurious lifestyles and themes. This also ventured into some markets that are related to real estate like- Batam, Indonasia etc. Koh Brothers Development Private Limited has highly qualified and deeply skilled engineers, managers and workers to work as bone marrow for the company

In terms of leisure and hospitality, Koh Brothers diversified their business and they offer comfort and convenience to cost so that people can live a luxurious life with a bold lifestyle. The first hotel Oxford Hotel Pte Ltd was built in August 1993 with 135 well appointed guest rooms and a royal environment was there for travelers. Koh Brothers are now a huge construction and real estate Company with diversity in their projects and a tag of perfection is provided to every client. Satisfaction and comfort both are provided by the Koh Brothers Company.