KBD Ventures Toho Mansions Holland Village

This article explains all about the KBD ventures including what they do and how they do it. This venture is a building supplementing company and also deals with improving quality of properties led by the Koh Brothers. The KBD Ventures and developers won the Holland Road Toho Mansion sales tender that collected around 120.43 million dollars which means 1,905 dollars per square foot. A land of 4,427.8 square meters with a 1.4 rationalized piece of land can be converted into a potential gross area of 6817.8 m² with an additional 10 percent balcony. Koh Brothers mentioned that on filing on the Singapore stock exchange on Friday, March 9.

Koh Brother KBD Ventures Bid for Toho Mansions

The land under the Urban Housing Regeneration Authority’s general plan for housing purposes enjoys a large development base, with no development costs for site reconstruction, said Edmund Tie & Company. Marketing for sale. Toho Mansion is a separate apartment complex consisting of two four-story residential buildings with 32 apartments. It is located on a hill next to the Residential Grade Class bungalow complex, near Holland Village and Chip Bee Gardens.

KBD Ventures Holland Village MRT Station Tender

The purchase and sale of real estate for KBD Ventures must be completed three months after the date of admission. Francis Koh who is the General Manager of the Koh Brothers mentioned that they were delighted to have reached this rare and private spot in the heart of the vibrant enclave of Holland Village. KBD Ventures intends to rebuild the property in accordance with the required legal requirements. The brothers said the agreement will allow the group to expand its development portfolio in Singapore.

KBD Ventures Holland Road Former Toho Mansions Tender

“We are pleased to be able to create a new concept that provides an integrated and uninterrupted experience of convenience and connectivity in this new environment, which the government has attributed to the reconstruction and expected extension,” added Koh. The Toho Mansion website “will mark the third page added to our country bank because we will continue to search carefully for interesting programming sites in selected locations.”

“Given the improvement in the housing sector in Singapore, KBD Ventures will closely monitor the market so that the project can use the cycle in due course,” Koh said. Swee Shou Farn, advisor Edmund Tie & Company, commented: “This is a very attractive venue that stands out in the crowd: its stronghold with the desired property, a unique feature, the prestigious Holland Road, High Line development and Comfort of the Netherlands Village Chip Bee Gardens and MRT station at your fingertips.” Koh Brothers shares were sold for 0.5 cents below or 1.5 percent to 33 cents on Friday.

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