History of Holland Village

Holland in Singapore has been catering to the needs of different segments of society for the last seven decades, staring from peasants and farmers, then to English army men. Thereafter, to the elites from across the globe and now to the tourists visiting this place for it’s exquisite architecture and renowned food and coffee shops. Initially, the village was occupied by plantations and nurseries, owing to the presence of the Dutch who were the first to settle on its two sides named Jalan Merah Saga and Lorong Mambong. The village was named after one of its early residents Hugh Holland who was a well known architect and also a notable actor.

History of Holland Villlage

During the English regime, quarters were made for the English army men, and locals catered to the needs of these army men and their families, thereby, beginning an initial phase of commercial activities in the area. The JalanMerah Saga, was renamed as the Chip bee gardens by the English. Holland Village indeed has a long history that has made it one of the highly sought after residential enclave. The latest development will be Van Holland which is the former Toho Mansions sold to KBD Ventures Koh Brothers.

As the Holland village started experiencing commercialization, elites from across the globe started settling down in the area. As a result, local real estate developers began to build bungalows and houses to take the place one notch further and provide high end residential facilities in the region. A number of renowned clubs also became a part of the region, and commercial activities started to flourish, making the place a high end residential and commercial area for the upper middle class and the rich.

Improvements and More Amenities at Holland Village

For the last three decades, Holland village has been one such upfront market for global imported products, with high-rise shopping malls as well as exquisite residential complexes, pubs and famous restaurants which cater to the needs of global tourists. The 80’s and 90’s was a phase of pubs and restaurants being built in the now famous Holland village, which turned out to be a great initiative to attract global tourists and the elites of Singapore. The area gave birth to some of the famous night bars, in which some of the finest of beers were served along with great musical performances.

Tourist Destination at Holland Village

Presently, Singapore is one of the finest tourist destinations across the world with places like Universal Studios, Sentosa islands, Gardens-by-the-bay, to name a few, which feature among the amazing tourist attractions of the small but magnificent country. Holland village still holds its presence well amongst all these and cater to the needs of the global tourists in the most significant manner. That is all thanks to its world class pubs, coffee shops and shopping malls. Do make a visit ad experience this amazing uptown village which has grown over decades by serving sections of society.

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