Eunoia Junior College Mount Sinai Road

Eunoia Junior College is a Catholic-based college that was founded alongside Catholic High School in 2015. This is a chinse girls secondary school. That is located in Singapore. Eunoia Junior College was announced in December 2015 by Ng Chee Meng who was the Acting Minister of Education. This was during an MOE ceremony that was organized at Shangri-La Hotel for purposes of recognizing the nation’s head of schools or principals. Eunoia Junior College is currently located at Mount Sinai Road which is located near to Van Holland at Holland Village. However, the new campus will be shifted to Sin Ming in 2019.

Eunoia Junior College First Batch of Students in 2017

In 2017, Eunoia Junior College made a record by receiving its first batch of students and holding an inaugural assembly on February 20th, 2017. Currently, the Eunoia Junior College has no formal campus and is operating temporarily at Mount Sinai which previously was used as the Raffles Junior College campus. There are preparations to shift college to the official residence by early2019.

The construction is ongoing and in late 2019 Eunoia Junior College will move to its official campus that is located off the junction of Sin Ming Avenue and Marymount Road. There have been delays in its construction due to the Cross Island Line creation.

Principal of Eunoia Junior College

Since its established, Eunoia Junior College has been served by Cheang Mei Heng. He is the first principal to be nominated and he is currently serving in the same capacity at Eunoia Junior College. Eunoia Junior College has been associated with the crest that was considered by Kong Studio; it is associated with three main identities that the college has including “All-around Development, Beautiful Thinking and Cultural Conversance.” Crest has been associated with neural brains which creates a sense of beautiful thinking motto. “Eunoia” is a Greek word which gives students the zeal to be rooted in their unique culture.

Uniform of Eunoia Junior College

Eunoia Junior College students are dressed in a white and grey uniform which was essentially designed by two students. The national anthem was composed by 10 students from Eunoia Junior College and incorporated in the programme 2016. It was however formally launched in 2017.

Eunoia Junior College is operating through a joint integrated programme with Singapore Chinese Girls’ School and the Catholic High School. As a result, admission of new students is done through the joint programme which is based at Catholic High School, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School and the Singapore Chinese Girls’ School. Currently, Eunoia Junior College offers subjects in H1 Level, H2 Level, and H3 Level.

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