Circle Line MRT System

Ever been to the rail line in Singapore that runs an Orbital route, the Circle Line? The underground rail line looks like the one from our Pinterest travel bucket list. The 4km CCL connects to the major residential areas of the city. Now, the rail network is being expanded to reach out to more areas and the development team is on it already.

Circle Line Driverless MRT System

The driverless MRT line links all the radial routes to the city. The line, in fact, has 30 stations and a separate branch line. As the first medium-capacity rail line in Singapore, the train is as long as six cars parked back to back. Circle Line is counted as one of the largest underground railways deports ever. Currently, there are 5 stages and as discussed earlier, the residents are expecting an extension and the development team is in the operations phase.

The future extension is the Circle Line Stage 6, of course, completing the circular path between the Marina Bay and the Harborfront. Adding the number of stations, there will be an extra number of 3 and will be completed in 2025. The latest project on the Circle Line will be at Holland Village MRT Station on the Circle Line. This is a freehold development and the name of the project is Van Holland Condo.

Timeline of the Circle Line

In 2009, Stage 3 was opened with running trains from Bartley to Marymount. Exactly, a year later, the first and second stages were opened that had trains running from Dhoby Ghaut to Marymount. The consecutive year gave the residents the surprise of the 4th and 5th stages with trains from Dhoby Ghaut to the Harbor Front. The next year was about the Promenade to Marina Bay connection circle line, more of an extension.

Planning and Maintenance of the Circle Line

The Circle Line was initially planned to go through the orbital phase and link the existing rail lines that way. This allows the commuters to work between rail lines, avoiding the city center and other traffic issues. It all began in 2002 and within a period of 10-12 years, 5 stages were successfully constructed and not to forget, perfectly maintained.

Though there was a delay in opening the first couple of stages, which was done after its consecutive stage opening, the residents faced no issues. The revenue service started in 2009 initially.

More about Circle Line 6

Just in case you are not yet excited about the new project, let’s just take a quick look at what is yet to come. With Circle Line 6, the commuters get to enjoy the direct routes between the Pasir Panjang and Kent Ridge and it covers all the major developed and upcoming areas near the Marina Bay.

Final Words

The faster access to the retail and office centers in the Harbour Front is simply a gift, and the sigh of relief the commuters show is proof. This is just multiple transfers in a single train time; imagine how much time it could possibly save.

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