Chip Bee Gardens Food Paradise at Holland Village

Located near Holland Village, Chip Bee Gardens is a food paradise is for those who love a little serenity and tranquillity when they’re dining. It has an exquisite dining experience to offer added with the charm of being away from the hustle and bustle of other main localities nearby. The range of restaurants in this food haven is quite amazing. It has all the varieties ranging from Chinese, Continental, and Italian to even desserts. Once inside, you don’t need to go anywhere else to sate your hunger. Chip Bee Gardens is located at Holland Village near to Holland Village MRT Station. Residents from the nearby condos such as Van Holland Koh Brothers will benefit from the diverse range of food choices available.

Chip Bee Gardens Food Paradise at Holland Village

Here’s a look at few of the marvellous restaurants that are housed in this food arcade:

1) Original Sin –
This was one of the first restaurants to be opened in Chip Bee Gardens. It is one of the finest vegetarian restaurant serving Mediterranean and Italian cuisine.
Not only is the food really good, but there is a spot, the Al Fresco Terrace which is an alluring location to relax and bring your loved ones to.

2) Mai Thai Restaurant –
Visited Singapore and now hungry for some Thai cuisines? Mai Thai should be your go to place. This restaurant has authentic Thai food and would be a delight to your taste buds.

Various Eateries and Food at Chip Bee Gardens

3) Da Paolo Pizzabar –
If Mediterranean and Thai weren’t enough, here’s a restaurant which brings you exquisite Italian dishes. From Pastas to Salads, from Pizzas to Sandwiches, Da Paolo serves every Italian cuisine.
They also have implemented a beautiful Indoor-Outdoor concept which gives the ambience a clever touch

4) Madrinaa Italiano –
A relatively new restaurant at the Chip Bee food enclave, they offer you another option to explore in the Italian genre.
And, the reviews for this restaurant speak a lot about the quality of food served here.

5) Sunday Folks –
This is one of the local desert café and have only six ice cream flavours.
But don’t let that worry you. These six ice cream flavours are an absolute delight to try which make the taste buds go for a swirl

Desserts and Main Courses at Chip Bee Gardens

6) Baker & Cook –
This is a standout restaurant here spearheaded by the renowned baker Dean Brettschneider. That’s a pretty good reason in itself to visit this bakery.

7) The Daily Scoop –
An exclusive ice cream parlour, this restaurant has a plethora of ice-cream flavours to offer. Local fresh ingredients are used to make sure the quality of churned out Ice-Cream is top-notch.

8) The Monocle Café –
Started by the famous magazine Monocle, this one shop is filled with innovative handicrafts and leather accessories.
A rustic looking café, with minimalistic design. Definitely soothing to the eyes.

With all these amazing restaurants and cafes placed in Chip Bee Gardens, it is simply a must-visit place for a placid dining experience.

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