National University of Singapore at Bukit Timah

The National University of Singapore was established in the year 1905 as a medical college named King Edward VII college of medicine. The named was then changed to the National University of Singapore in the year 1980, after its independence. NUS is the oldest institute of Singapore to pursue higher education and promote English as their official language of studies in the country. The university is known for its educational curriculum worldwide. It is a research-driven university, originally established in the field of medicine, has spread its roots in the different fields of education. It offers a variety of course, like medicine, dentistry, design and environment studies, engineering, social science, science, arts, and social studies etc. The university runs courses for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The university encompasses 3 campuses, 13 undergraduate schools, 4 graduate schools, 30 research institutes and center to embark and spread knowledge among the students and help make society better place to live. they university promotes innovation and all-round development of the students.

National University of Singapore Main Campus at Bukit Timah

The university is spread across three different locations and all the three campuses provided with different sources. The campus located at the Bukit Timah is the main campus and offers a course for undergraduates pursuing Law and policymaking studies. The campus embarks the education in students so that they can help the general public. The campus situated at the Outram specializes in teaching postgraduate students in the field of medical science. The campus located at the university town teaches arts and social science with to its student and exposes them to different cultures and reliongs by the workingin collaboration of Yale University. All the three campuses are specialized in their fields and have produced national leaders, lawmakers, policymakers in the past. National University of Singapore is located near to developments in Holland Village such as Van Holland by Koh Brothers KBD Ventures.

Huge Land for National University of Singapore

The university encompasses a huge campus spread across the area of 150 hectares. It has a total of 3 campuses spread across different locations known as Bukit Timah which further contains Faculty of Law, yew School of Public Policy and Lee Kuan.this campus is the main campus and is located at the south of Kent Ridge. Its second campus is a medical school for postgraduate students known as Duke-NUS funded in 2005 situated at Outram. It runs on the collaboration between Durham, North Carolina University. The Yale-NUS founded in 2011 is a college for undergraduate students pursuing arts. This college functions with joint collaboration of YALE university and is situated in the University town. It is spread over approx 9 acres and encompasses 3 residential based blocks, which included their own dining hall, sports complex and other features.

Facilities and Residences at National University of Singapore

All the three campuses in together in corporate 150 hectares of land. These campuses are based on residential based architecture. They encompass internal built sports complex, shopping malls, canteen, dining hall, library, computer center, auditorium, and even has their own mascot and college flag color. They have been designed keeping in mind their field of study. So that the students can utilize the state of the art facilities and gain both theoretical and practical knowledge. The students are provided will all kinds of facilities, equipment, tool and exposure at their residential and study area so that they can make use of most of it and learn more. The university promotes different clubs to create a form of competitiveness among the students and exposes them to new possibilities. The university is designed n such a way that it makes an overall development of the students.

The Times Asia and QS world ranking platforms have ranked this university as number 1 in their list of universities in both Singapore and Asia. The Qs world ranking system has ranked the university as number 11 due to its facilities and course structure. It is ranked as number 4 for providing best placement to its students.

The university has also produced various great alumni like national policymakers of Singapore, and other countries of the world. It has also produced 4 former prime ministers of Singapore in the past. That is why this university has so good ranking. It has proved its supremacy in the Asian continent for embarking world-class education and producing world leaders over the period of time. According to the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), Singapore’s gross domestic product (GDP) increased by 2.2 percent year-on-year in Q4. On a regular quarterly balanced basis, the city-state’s GDP climbed possibly at an annualized rate of 1.6 percent, which is lower than the middle projection of 3.2 percent in a Reuters review and the 3.5 percent posted in Q3 2018. With the increase of GDP, there will be more funds to purchase Van Holland freehold condo by Koh Brothers.